Retail Sales and Customer Care Unit Manager leads, plans, organizes and gives strategic direction to the unit activities and projects to achieve high level of customer satisfaction and contribute to the increase of sales volume and customer device strategy.


- Develop, manage and implement the unit functional strategy in accordance with the department mission
- Forecast and set sales quality targets based on market demand, unit needs and goals, customer satisfaction, brand presence
- Ensure the delivery of the projects to achieve the strategic goals
- Plan the unit OPEX and CAPEX based on the company requirements, strategic plans/ projects, the unit needs and risk factors
- Develop annual budget for the unit as well as the sales budget for the company
- Monitor the cost efficiency of the projects and corresponding budget consumptions
- Prepare and monitor business and project implementation plans targeting at the realization of the functional strategy
- Ensure friendly, motivating and effective working environment both for the direct subordinates as well as the whole staff that encourages for better performance results, ideas and innovations
- Establish appropriate channels of communication with other Units of the Company and external providers
- Prevent and resolve conflicts and problems within the unit
- Report to the Department Manager on overall Unit activities relevant to each section on weekly/monthly basis
- Ensure that the Department Manager is adequately briefed on all relevant matters/issues
- Monitor, control and supervise staff duties, responsibilities and delegated tasks
- Ensure proper evaluation of the employees via annual performance appraisals

Required Qualifications:

- High education, Master’s Degree in Business Administration
- 5 years of experience in the Telecommunications industry with an emphasis in Customer care and retail sales sphere, at least 3 years of managerial experience
- Strong knowledge with Customer Service, Sales and CRM
- Knowledge of the telecommunication technologies and models
- Basic knowledge in Finance and Tax Legislation principles
- Basic knowledge of Human Resource Management principles
- Effective leadership skills
- Strong selling skills and ability to influence customer relations management effectively
- Ability to make quick and right decisions
- Project management and strategic thinking
- Time and task management organizational and problem-solving skills
- Excellent communication and presentation skills
- Excellent language (Armenian, English, Russian) skills

About K-Telecom CJSC (Viva-MTS)

VivaCell-MTS (K-Telecom CJSC) provides mobile coverage in 2G/ 3.75G/ 4G networks offering a wide range of voice and data services all across Armenia since 2005.