TUMO is looking for an experienced Robotics professional who will organize and implement the selection and training of robotics workshop leaders both locally and internationally to support the expansion of TUMO centers and boxes in Armenia and abroad.
Job Summary
Prepare and deliver technical training; evaluate and report on trainee progress and success. Maintain up-to-date subject matter expertise and industry knowledge and participate in curriculum design to deliver the best training possible. Conduct technical instruction, student evaluation, record keeping, research and continuous improvement actions.


- Train and provide ongoing feedback to workshop leaders
- Conduct testing of new curriculum designs
- Participate in designing training programs for workshop leaders, such as modules, lectures, and videos
- Conduct seminars, workshops, and individual training sessions
- Provide ongoing support and mentorship to workshop leaders after their training
- Assist the instructional design team in updating the curriculum and creating new content
- Monitor workshop leader performance and learning progress and propose additional ongoing training activities
- Participate in the recruitment, selection and evaluation of the workshop leader candidates

Required Qualifications:

- Extensive experience and technical expertise in Robotics
- Excellent communication skills and public speaking ability
- Knowledge and mastery of standard industry software
- Language: Armenian (required), English (required) and Russian (preferred)
- Strong research skills
- Ability to work independently and as part of a team
- Ability to maintain deadlines and ensure high productivity
- Teaching and mentoring experience preferred
- Experience in leading workshops at TUMO preferred

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