“Brandingo” is looking for a “Sales and Projects Manager”.


  • Engage with leads from a variety of channels to understand prospect needs and requirments
  • Draft proposals and provide quote estiamtes based on the  information provided by the clients
  • Upon reaching clousure define and assign project tasks to meet suggested devliery timeline
  • Manage team workload by assigning tasks according to availability,
  • Track project deadlines and feedback to ensure high-quality delivery,
  • Maintain communication with and provide customer support to existing clients,
  • Assist the CEO with management and organization tasks,
  • Work closely with the CEO to achieve personal, team and company goals.

Required Qualifications:

  • Excellent knowledge of English [at least C1],  is essential! Higher education and residence in an English speaking country will be a major plus
  • Experience managing projects in the design and development industry will be a major plus,
  • Sales experience in the design and development industry will be a major plus,
  • Experience managing teams will be a major plus,
  • Knowledge and understanding of design and development services will be a major plus,
  • Please note, candidates of various experience levels will be considered, the starting salary and format will depend on the experience and performance in the selection process. Regardless of the experience level, all chosen candidates will be provided with 1 month of on the job training.