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We’re looking for a passionate Senior AI/ML Engineer to design, develop and contribute to our platform. Ideally, the candidate should be able to build high-quality, innovative, and fully performing software in compliance with coding standards and technical design.
Our Tech Stack:
Python, Django, DRF, Google Vision, Tensorflow, ONNX, Celery, RabbitMQ, RASA, Kafka, gRPC, Hadoop, PostgreSQL, GCP, AWS


- Designing and developing machine learning and deep learning systems
- Implementing appropriate ML algorithms according to requirements
- Running machine learning tests and experiments
- Prepare technical documentation
- Keep Ucraft on top of all best practices of modern machine learning development by working with state-of-the-art technologies
- Share knowledge and skills with the team through workshops and various presentations.
- Serving the AI models in different domains such as CV, NLU, and Classical ML on production

Required Qualifications:

- 3-4 years of relevant experience related to machine learning and deep learning systems
- Good understanding of mathematics, statistics, and algorithms
- Ability to write robust code in Python
- Extensive knowledge of ML frameworks, libraries, data structures, data modeling, and software architecture (Keras, scikit-learn, Pytorch, Tensorflow, ONNX)
- Extensive knowledge of Model optimization (ONNX, OpenVino, TensorRT)
- Good Understanding of AI flow in production
- Good communication and knowledge-sharing skills