“SoftConstruct LLC” is looking for a “Senior Copywriter/VBET”.


- Develop compelling and nuanced copy that resonates with our target audience, incorporating gambling nuances and industry-specific language
- Leverage your proficiency in Armenian, English, and Russian to create culturally sensitive and linguistically accurate content for our diverse customer base
- Translate and adapt marketing materials while preserving the nuances of each language, catering to the preferences of our international audience
- Conceptualize and deliver creative marketing campaigns that showcase our gambling products and services, driving customer excitement and engagement
- Stay abreast of industry trends and competitor strategies to develop innovative, data-driven marketing initiatives that capture market share
- Effectively manage projects, ensuring seamless coordination between departments and timely delivery of high-quality conten

Required Qualifications:

- Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Communications, Journalism, or a related field
- Extensive experience as a Senior Copywriter in the gambling industry, demonstrating a track record of successful and innovative content campaigns
- Exceptional language proficiency in Armenian, English, and Russian, with the ability to craft compelling content that resonates deeply in each language
- Proven leadership skills, including experience managing high-performing teams and driving exceptional results