At Krisp, we are developing and launching applications that enhance the professionalism and productivity of employees and contact center agents. Krisp mutes background noise bi-directionally during calls and is the only software available in the market to do so as an application, becoming a virtual microphone and speaker within Windows, Mac OS, and VDI. We are out front leading this market, with partners and customers including Sitel, Concentrix, Discord and many others. Our team is defining the future of how remote employees vastly improve their voice and video communications.
As a Senior DevOps Engineer, you will closely work with Krisp senior engineers to set up and manage a datacenter for machine learning training and data processing experiments. You’ll be involved in servers and tools selection and configuration for various ML and Production projects.


- Participate in servers selection, purchase and setup process
- Server hardware, Linux system and network administration
- Grid parallel computing solutions setup and management (like Univa Grid Engine)
- Setup and manage environment for ML experiments (Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch)
- Work closely with software architects within the company to develop and maintain cloud architectures for different projects
- Troubleshoot technical problems
- Design and implement CI/CD pipelines
- Develop scripts to automate routine tasks
- Patch management and security

Required Qualifications:

- 3+ years of experience in the IT, CAD, DevOps areas
- High performance computing infrastructure and job management skills
- Solid experience working with Linux administration, Grid systems management
- Hands-on experience working with Terraform, Ansible
- Experience with container technologies and orchestration tools like Docker, Kubernetes
- Analytical and problem-solving skills
- Experience in IAAS providers such as AWS and GCP is a plus.
- Fundamental knowledge of networking concepts
- BSc / MSc in Computer Science or similar field
- Excellent communication skills
- Proficiency with scripting languages (bash, shell, python, perl, javascript)
- Spoken English

About Krisp

Krisp makes remote professionals and teams all over the world more productive.

Krisp has raised over $3.5M with Silicon Valley investors. We have users from widely known companies such as Salesforce, Google, Zapier, Hubspot, Gitlab, Toptal and 6000 more.

We’ve created the first-ever noise-canceling app for calls. Krisp uses AI to mute background noise bi-directionally - from both sides of the call. Krisp can be used with any conferencing, streaming and recording apps as well as any headset and microphone.

Krisp also became Product of the Year on Product Hunt and was featured on top media websites such as TechCrunch, HackerNews, ZDNet.