Tumo is looking for a Senior Front End Software Engineer who is on a mission to change Armenia and the world by writing awesome code. Tumo invites to join its very own in-house software product team as they build a cutting edge, AI driven online learning platform to be scaled from Paris to Moscow, right through to every town and city in Armenia! The Senior Front End Software Engineer will be working in an energetic, dynamic team with people from Artsakh, London, Yerevan, Etchmiadzin, Paris, and beyond; a group of people who are passionate about what they do. He/ she will build scalable microservices, dockerizing them as he/ she goes, reviewing code and perfecting an excellent UX. He/ she will also join Tumo’s team as they scale to a live operation in a real devops mode! Here are the things that are important to Tumo: (a) Tumo’s team uses continuous delivery practices to test and go to production faster;(b) they create product-focused teams that care about the experience of our students, (c) they believe software engineering is an artform – not mechanics, (d) they are building for scale, using microservices, (e) they use insights from their data warehouse to make product decisions, (f) they use DevOps tools and practices to deploy and push to live in a smooth and efficient way.


  • Write high quality, readable, maintainable code (including unit tests);
  • Review other team members' code and ensure adherence to established standards;
  • Guide and mentor other team members in best practice for React or Vue.js frameworks;
  • Work with the Head of Software Development and the UI/ UX Designer to propose optimal technical solutions to the proposed requirements and designs;
  • Ensure all user feedback is integrated into the product development lifecycle;
  • All Tumo's engineers are expected to know about, and work with, DevOps tooling (Azure, Docker, Monitoring) - but they will teach, if he/ she doesn't know about it.

Required Qualifications:

  • 5 years of strong real world experience in developing Web Applications and at least 3 years of   experience in the major web frameworks (React, Vue, Angular)
  • Experience in designing and developing reusable front-end components, modules and tools;
  • Modern JavaScript knowledge (ES2019, ESNext);
  • Experience using TypeScript is a big plus;
  • Experience in Node.js or ASP.NET Core is a big plus;
  • Experience in developing scalable responsive web pages or applications;
  • Experience using SQL or MongoDB is a plus;
  • Experience in Sass / LESS / Stylus CSS pre-processors is a plus;
  • Unit testing experience with Jasmine / Mocha / Chai is desired;
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills;
  • Good analytical skills;
  • Experience working in international teams is a plus;
  • Familiarity with build tools, e.g. Webpack.



About Tumo Center for Creative Technologies

Tumo is an after-school learning center where teenagers acquire digital media skills free of charge. Thousands of students attend Tumo on a regular basis and participate in its innovative, self-paced program. Its educational framework is based on a proprietary platform that promotes learning through interactive game-like levels, exposing users to increasingly challenging activities. Tumo's educational methodology is based on a large set of self-instructional activities that each of the Center's students assembles into a personal learning plan in the areas of animation, game development, web development and filmmaking. To learn more about the Tumo Center for Creative Technologies, please visit: www.tumo.org