• Partner with Product and Design to own and drive growth in organic user attraction, engagement, conversion, and brand appeal through company's most important public web properties.
  • Out-perform rivals and internal teams on website technical performance, business impact, and ability to engage and influence users.
  • Rapidly testing, iterating, and measuring features and growth opportunities
  • Developing with and contributing to a component-based architecture based on node.js and React and delivering highly-performant and search engine optimized (SEO), accessible user experiences to visitors and customers

Required Qualifications:

  • 5+ years of web development experience on a high organic traffic, consumer website.
  • Proficient in building full-stack applications on node.js, React, AWS/Google Cloud
  • Expertise in measuring and improving web application performance
  • Strong leadership and communication skills to work with english speaking US teams
  • Familiarity or professional experience with Unirest, Applitools and Mailosaur.
  • Experience building reliable, scalable software in a cross-functional team environment that has been successfully delivered to customers.

About Mamble LLC

Mamble is providing digital marketing services to US based partners.