“Adobe (Workfront)” is looking for a “Senior Frontend Engineer”.


- Meet with your team and tell them the exciting things you did yesterday and what unspeakably incredible things you will complete by this time tomorrow
- Create new features using our development technologies that will delight and inspire marketers, IT professionals, and other knowledge workers worldwide
- Create engineering designs that tackle problems
- Fix occasional bugs in our SaaS platform
- when your day was only somewhat less than amazing and unspeakably incredible
- Debate the efficient design of an ideal user experience for a variety of unrealized features identified by our Product friends. Or propose some ideas of your own
- Help other software engineers find the best way to test your work to ensure that, not only does it work as advertised, but will continue to work and perform at mass scale when thousands upon thousands of people are using it at the same time
- Lead discussions with what emerging tools, technologies and processes are coming that may impact how we improve our products and SaaS platform in the future
- Provide your well-considered opinions to the creation and modification of our technology roadmaps

Required Qualifications:

- Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering (equivalent education or work experience)
- 5+ years of programming experience in JavaScript (React or Angular 2+) technologies
- Knowledge of the other technologies in use at Adobe (Java, Kubernetes, Node.js, Docker, NoSQL, MongoDB, Kafka, ElasticSearch, AWS, GCP, etc.
- Be able to speak to a time when you were able to dive into someone else’s code and make an optimization to it without rewriting the whole thing
- Ability to describe concepts and whiteboard designs dealing with high-availability
- Experience researching solutions to problems and pitching your ideas to senior team members
- Ability to demonstrate a high level of ownership for the entire SDLC; including QA, build, deployment and support of production systems
- Have an outstanding experience in real-time or massively distributed systems
- Good knowledge of English and Armenian