You are the piece of the puzzle that we’ve been looking for because you are up for this challenge
You will write pristine code up to standards to develop the future of the hotel technology platform

Required Qualifications:

  • Taking ownership of your object-oriented code in PHP to extend and then iterate multiple applications. The PHP framework we use is Laravel.
  • Finding your way around ReactJS (ES6), Redux & Typescript
  • You like to build REST APIs yourself and teach them to communicate well
  • Clean and well-documented code gives your peace of mind
  • Your passion for JavaScript can make you an equal sparring partner with Santal, Khalid and Jerry. You are not shy to recommend appropriate technologies for new features or new methods.
  • Dreaming big when hearing the word ‘architecture’ - and making it happen! Maybe you’ve created complex & scalable design patterns before?
  • DRY please (Don’t repeat yourself)! For this, documentation and maintenance is essential - about 35% of the work. The rest of 65% is for building features. KISS and YAGNI too, you know it.
  • You are fluent in English

About Ginosi Apartels and Hotels

Ginosi is an international short stay apartment rental company offering visitors residential apartments as alternatives to hotels.

Ginosi Apartels are the four star global standard in short-stay travel accommodations. We offer travelers the freedom o