Required Qualifications:

  • 4+ years of experience developing for the iOS platform
  • Knowledge of Swift and Obective-C
  • Understanding of Run Loop
  • Basic knowledge of MRR and ARC operations
  • Experience applying multithreading
  • Understanding of the architectural principles of VIPER/MVC/MVVM/MVP
  • Understanding of the principles of SOLID
  • Solid knowledge of CoreData, Networking, Auto Layout, Realm, Rest API, iOS SDK
  • Experience working with Apple push notifications
  • Team experience working with Git
  • Spoken English.

Nice to Have

  • Solid knowledge of C/C++, boost, CoreGraphics, CoreAnimation, CoreAudio, OpenGLES, OpenAL, MediaPlayer Framework
  • Experience working with CoreText, Popovers, SplitViews, gesture recognizer.