• Drafting contracts, addenda and/or amendments thereto and other legal documents, providing advice in relation thereto, participating in negotiations;
  • Keeping the database of contracts (including amendments);
  • Providing legal advice regarding various legal issues and legal compliance;
  • Providing advice concerning legislation on real estate and further legal procedures;
  • Conducting necessary legal actions and activities in relation to relevant competent authorities;
  • Conducting correspondence with competent authorities and contracting parties regarding relevant contracts and legal actions;
  • Representing the Company in the administrative authorities and courts and proceedings;
  • Implementing timely and properly the Legal Director’s assignments;
  • Ensuring the document circulation of the Legal Directorate and filling out relevant documents;
  • Following up the process of implementation of the Legal Director’s assignments within relevant timelines and reporting on the results thereof to the Legal Director;
  • Drafting work programme within his/her powers, if necessary, and presenting the work programmes to the Legal Director, as well as drafting and presenting proposals, certificates, reports and other documents;
  • Participating in drafting work programmes upon the Legal Director’s assignment;
  • Participating in solving the problems arising from the responsibilities of the Legal Directorate, in decision-making and implementing assignments;
  • Drafting and preparing legal documents required for the Company’s activities;

Required Qualifications:

  • Higher legal education;
  • At least 3 years of experience in commercial, civil, corporate, labor law;
  • Excellent computer skills;
  • Excellent knowledge of Armenian and Russian languages, good knowledge of English;
  • Knowledge of the RA Civil Code, RA Code on Administrative Offences, RA Law on “Legal Acts”,  RA Law on “Electronic Communication”, RA Law on “Protection of Economic Competition”, Company internal regulations, procedures and other laws and legal acts relating to his/her powers.

About Ucom LLC

"Ucom" LLC is a unified communications operator in Armenia, which offers symmetrical and mobile broadband Internet and other services.