“Yeremyan Projects” is looking for a “Senior Marketing Specialist”.


- Develop comprehensive strategic plans to achieve marketing goals and enhance brand visibility
- Prepare, implement, and analyze monthly and quarterly performance schedules for marketing activities
- Contribute to the overall marketing, communications, and public relations strategy of the company
- Devise innovative market entry strategies for new products
- Provide recommendations and conduct research for effective sales promotions
- Plan and execute various promotional actions, tastings, events to boost brand awareness
- Conduct negotiations and manage advertising collaborations with companies and influencers
- Organize and oversee advertising campaigns to maximize reach and impact
- Create a robust content strategy for various platforms, actively participating in its implementation
- Analyze marketing trends, consumer behavior, and competitor activities to refine strategies

Required Qualifications:

- Proven experience in a senior marketing role with a track record of successful campaigns
- Strategic mindset with the ability to develop and implement effective marketing strategies
- Strong project management skills with the ability to plan and execute diverse marketing initiatives
- Excellent negotiation and communication skills for collaborating with external partners
- In-depth knowledge of market trends, consumer behavior, and competitor activities
- Creativity in developing content strategies for various platforms
- Ability to analyze and interpret performance data to refine strategies for continuous improvement