Digitain is looking for a highly skilled and experienced Senior Motion Designer to join our creative team. As a Senior Motion Designer, you will be responsible for conceptualizing, designing, and executing visually captivating motion graphics for various digital platforms. You will collaborate closely with our creative team, to bring projects to life and ensure they meet our clients’ expectations and objectives.

  • Conceptualize and develop creative ideas for motion graphics projects.
  • Collaborate with the creative team to translate concepts and ideas into compelling visual designs and animations.
  • Design and animate motion graphics elements, illustrations, and visual effects, using Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, and Photoshop.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques in motion graphics design and animation, and incorporate innovative ideas into projects.
  • Manage multiple projects simultaneously, meet deadlines, and ensure deliverables meet quality standards and client requirements.
  • Work as part of a team with copywriters, designers, marketing specialists, executives
  • Participate in brainstorming sessions and contribute creative ideas to pitch presentations and proposals.
  • Receive and give constructive feedback on each project
Required Qualifications:
  • Minimum 4 years of experience working as a motion designer
  • Higher education in related field
  • Expertise in motion graphics software, particularly Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D and other
  • Proficiency in animation techniques, including keyframing, rigging and motion tracking.
  • Strong design sensibility, with a keen eye for typography, composition, and visual storytelling.
  • Experience creating Lottie files and familiarity with the Lottie Files ecosystem.
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to work effectively in a team environment and interact with stakeholders.
  • Detail-oriented and organized, with the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously and meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment.
  • Knowledge of video editing software (e.g., Adobe Premiere Pro) and 3D animation software is a plus.
  • A passion for creativity, innovation, and continuous learning in the field of motion design and animation.

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