What we value:
– Willingness to work across the board, e.g., need an interactive video? Here you go!
– Expressing ideas through visuals and quick prototypes
– Familiarity with React or another front-end framework
– Side projects, open source contributions


- The app should `feel` safe for the users.
- We’re facilitating transfers between 30+ different places, and most importantly, we’re dealing with users’ funds
- The app should look great in various environments.
- Layerswap is integrated inside multiple apps and websites, and we strive to make it feel like a native part of the host
- The app should be intuitive and assist the user in every step.
- Crypto transfers are confusing, and a core part of our business is aimed at solving this
- Craft the overall product and design direction of the whole company
- Build the design system that'll be used throughout our products
- Work closely with engineers and other partners to ensure a high-quality implementation
- Understand the user flows in deep detail and come up with ideas to take them to the next level

Required Qualifications:

- Proven experience leading and designing interactive applications
- Portfolio of unique design projects