An award-winning Boston-based Digital Marketing Agency is looking for a talented Front End Developer to join the great team.


● Performing maintenance programming for existing versions of websites. Performing custom templating upon request 

● WordPress templating from custom designs 

● Working independently on multiple smaller tasks or on larger builds with shifting priorities and tight deadlines 

● Providing and adhering to accurate estimates for the amount of time required to repair a defect, a build, or to add additional functionality to an existing application 

● Providing efficient solutions in a timely manner for work requests, issues, and defects ● Communicating well with supervisors and project managers in regards to work requests, problems and defects 

● Acting as both a peer and mentor to other Developers as well as being comfortable asking for help from team members 

● Exploring new software development technologies and techniques 

● Documenting code and reporting on project deliverables 

● Being a team player with a “can do” attitude when handling development requirements and project timelines

Required Qualifications:

● Ability to be independent, creative and attentive to details 

● Good self QA, prior knowledge of using browserstack or similar 

● Excellent knowledge in WordPress templating 

● Strong knowledge of HTML/CSS/XHTML/XML 

● Knowledge of CSS3 and HTML5 and working experience with them. 

● Bootstrap 4 and Bootstrap 5 grid 


● Proven experience with GIT (command line), FTP, SFTP, Linux. 

● Experience with JS frameworks (JQuery a must, EXT JS a plus). Add more to this list and you are a winner. 

● Understanding of Drupal templating system, experience with Omega Theme, Zend theme or similar themes is a PLUS. 

● Ability to develop landing pages and microsites for marketing campaigns in a short amount of time 

● Familiar with agile methodologies, test-driven development and continuous integration ● Basic knowledge of design software for implementation purposes (Photoshop) ● Basic knowledge in Jira / Basecamp / Trello 

● Minimum 1-2 years of experience with front end for different medium sized projects ● Knowledge of web programming best practices 

● Excellent English writing skills and clear verbal communicator