The overall purpose of this project is to contract one qualified professional for the position of Expert in Awareness on HWM. The Expert will be part of the management team for the project ‘Capital Cities Collaborating on Common Challenges in Hazardous Waste Management – Yerevan, Warsaw, Tirana’ (hereinafter: the Project) and will contribute to its sound management and implementation, in accordance with the grant contract and its annexes, notably the Description of the Action.

The Expert in Awareness on HWM will be directly engaged in the implementation of information, consultation, educational and awareness raising activities aiming to promote a new, environmentally conscious behaviour in citizens. This will result in the prevention of incorrect and potentially dangerous behaviours related to the inadequate treatment and disposal of hazardous waste. In particular, he/she will:

  • be engaged in the design, organisation and implementation of consultations, awareness campaigns on HW and HWM and in the promotion of citizens’ participation;
  • coordinate with Partner Cities in campaigns implementation, to ensure coherence and consistent messaging;
  • contribute to the preparation of contents for information and promotional materials on HW / HWM, their treatment and their impact on environment and health;
  • devise activities especially targeting the young generation, to enhance understanding HWM as part of environment- conscious society building, including educational programmes for pupils and students, cultural and creative activities, school competitions on the theme of circular economy and 5 Rs in HW;
  • promote the involvement of Civil Society Organizations, schools and school groups and support them in the delivery of educational, cultural and creative actions on HWM awareness, and contribute to the development of targeted small-size financial support (sub-grants).

In performing his/her tasks the Specialist will respond to the Action’s Team Leader. He/she will operate in collaboration with other Team Members, as the activities require.

Required Qualifications:

Qualifications and skills

  • University degree in general medicine, medical ecology/hygiene, public health/environmental health/global health or equivalent.
  • Excellent command of written and spoken English
  • Proficient computer skills.
  • Master degree in public health /environmental health/global health is an asset.

General professional experience

  • At least 8 years of general professional experience.

Specific professional experience

  • At least 2 years of experience working in/in support to public sector bodies, NGOs or other civil society organizations.
  • Experience in organization of information / awareness raising / communication / educational campaigns, social advertising, preparation of communication materials and/or organization of events in the field of public health/hygiene or other social- / environment-related topics, in at least one assignment.
  • Experience in supporting policy development and/or strategy development in the field of public health/hygiene or other social- / environment-related topics, in at least one assignment.
  • Experience as teacher or trainer in the field of public health/hygiene or other social- / environment-related topics is an asset.
  • Specific experience in the field of hazardous/medical/special waste is an asset.

Note that only professional experience after obtaining the University degree will be considered.