- Collaborate with Purchasing Department and site organization to manage efficient flow of all materials
- Interface with headquarter organization, in order to check the delivery status of incoming material
- Prepare inspection reports for all materials delivered (material receiving report and overage shortage and damage report)
- Collaborate with the Quality Department to issue NCR if required
- Use ERP software for the management of materials
- Interface with shipping company to transport material from base to site and material return
- Collect/ prepare the documents required to the execution of the Shipping and Customs activities
- Maintain always updated all the information regarding the status of materials (delivery date and open quantity)
- Collaborate with construction team to schedule all deliveries and manage all delays and ensure compliance to all material requests
- For the material purchased abroad, interface with Custom specialist in order to follow the status of customs activities
- Coordinate the logistics team during receiving of material and delivery to site
- Ensure that material is stored in compliance with packing specification and that preservation is always guaranteed

Required Qualifications:

- Aptitude to the coordination of work team
- Good knowledge of in English language; knowledge of Italian language is a plus
- Good knowledge and practice of IT programs; knowledge of Oracle suite is a plus
- Good communication skills and relational skills