Key Details:
Start: Immediate
Duration: Full-time; part-time positions also available
Location: Remote (work from anywhere)
Payment: Monthly, based on an hourly rate
What Makes This Job Attractive:
– Work with an international team: Join a diverse and inclusive work environment, collaborating with colleagues from different backgrounds across the globe.This opportunity allows you to gain valuable experience in cross-cultural communication and teamwork
– Experience in the eCommerce industry: KUNSTLOFT is a thriving eCommerce brand, providing you with a unique chance to gain hands-on experience in the dynamic and growing world of online retail. You will be exposed to the intricacies of customer service within the eCommerce industry, contributing to your professional development
– Work-life balance: We prioritize maintaining a healthy work-life balance and believe in achieving top performance within 8 hours


German team looking for Spanish and French speaking Customer Service Manager! If you're in your final semester or have recently graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages and seeking a job, then we have an exciting offer just for you! KUNSTLOFT, our highly successful eCommerce brand specializing in art and stylish living, is looking to hire a passionate Customer Service Representative (m/f/d) to provide excellent support to our international customers. Responsibilities:
- Provide customer support via phone, email, and chat in English, French and / or Spanish
- Manage customer order processing and address any related complaints
- Handle incoming returns and facilitate their resolution
- Assist with text translation tasks

Required Qualifications:

We're Looking For:
- Enjoyment in interacting with people and providing guidance
- Friendly, competent, and cool-headed even in stressful situations
- Highly reliable, well-organized, and thrive in independent work environments
- Proficient computer skills, eloquent, and customer service-oriented
- Exceptional negotiation skills with the ability to defuse conflicts swiftly
- Enthusiastic and a team player
- Ability to advise customers over the phone in English, French and / or Spanish Specific Requirements:
- Stable internet connection (recommended speed
- 150-300 Mbps)
- Personal computer or laptop meeting the following specifications:
- Operating System: Windows 10 or macOS (latest version)
- Processor: Intel Core i5 or equivalent
- Memory: 8GB RAM or higher
- Storage: 256GB SSD or higher
- Webcam and microphone for video calls
- Reliable headset for phone calls