ServiceTitan is looking for a SQL Developer to join our data team. Strong candidates will have solid command of the SQL, ETL operations, and SSIS packages in addition to very strong analytical and critical thinking skills. The most critical portion of the role is deconstructing and re-interpreting databases from other software to translate them into our database. It also includes support of existing, and development of new automated import methods. The candidate will work closely with cross departmental resources to ensure on time delivery of transferred data for customers adoption of ServiceTitan.
Our SQL Developers receive projects and deadlines from several departments. The ability to own tasks, clearly communicate requirements, delays, completion and prioritize a constantly shifting schedule of deadlines is paramount.
This work is highly critical to successfully building our company. It is the lynchpin of the sales and onboarding process. Data concerns are a blocker for most of our customers, so delivering high quality, highly accurate transfers is absolutely crucial and greatly appreciated by both our customers and our company.


- Manage a wide variety of tasks with shifting priorities and tight deadlines
- Clearly communicate project status’ and updates with the onboarding team in a timely manner for successful delivery.
- Find and employ methods for transferring sources of data we have not previously encountered
- Evaluate and understand database structures then interpret them into our model
- Write queries to correct, reformat or move data
- Update and maintain a repository of useful scripts

Required Qualifications:

- 2 or more years of experience with SQL Server
- Advanced knowledge and experience in T-SQL
- Experience with complex ETL tools and operations.
- Experience with SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).
- Good understanding of database and data model concepts
- Experience in C# or Java is a plus
- Strong analytical and critical thinking skills.
- Able to identify relationships within databases and make infer the developers intent based on structure and values
- Strong communication skills
- Ability to work effectively within a team environment with tight deadlines and high expectations