•    Design and implement general recruiting strategy;
•    Write and post application descriptions;
•    Source candidates by using databases and social media;
•    Evaluate resumes and cover letters;
•    Use recruiting tools like tests and assignments to assess candidates’ skills;
•    Conduct phone, Skype and/or in-person interviews;
•    Provide a shortlist of qualified candidates to choose from;
•    Maintain a complete record of interviews and new hires;
•    Stay up-to-date with current recruiting methods;
•    Attend job fairs and careers events.

Required Qualifications:


•    Proven work experience as a Recruiting Coordinator or a Recruiter;
•    Excellent communication skills;
•    Ability to prioritize and complete projects within their deadlines;
•    Solid knowledge of HR policies and best practices;
•    Hands-on experience with various selection processes, like phone interviews and reference checks;
•    Ability to conduct different types of interviews (e.g. structured, competency-based and behavioral);
•    Familiarity with HR databases, applicant tracking systems and candidate management systems;
•    Familiarity with social media․

This position entails work organized from our company office.