The Armenian EyeCare Project (AECP) and World Diabetes Foundation, under the grant agreement WDF-20-1742 for the project “Armenian National Diabetes Strategy and Diabetic Blindness Prevention” strive to prevent blindness caused by diabetes related eye disease and pave way for continuous prevention of Diabetes Mellitus in Armenia. One of the three main objectives, that the project will implement, is preparation of the National Diabetes Mellitus Strategy (NDMS) with a timespan of 2022-2032. The aim of the NDMS is to prepare a roadmap to implement measures aimed at preventing diabetes, expanding treatment options and improving the integrated management of diabetes so as to prevent or postpone the onset of diabetes-related complications. The Subproject Coordinator is expected to guide a group of experts in Diabetes and related sub-specialties, public health, health finance specialists, primary health care physicians etc. to design a National Strategy in line with the international and national guidelines and requirements. The incumbent is also expected to maintain and develop good working relations with the relevant bodies (MOH, Steering Committee comprising representatives of line ministries, professional community and civil society) and be responsible for the final draft of the NDMS.


- Coordinate activities of various specialists working on this subproject;
- Guide the national program writing process with the local professional organization and experts;
- Liaise with the corresponding/ related government bodies, steering committee, etc.;
- Arrange meetings/ discussions, conduct discussions;
- Report to AECP and Steering Committee on the progress of the report as well as share concerns on obstacles and bottlenecks;
- Present the NDMS to the interested bodies and secure feedback of suggestions to the experts and vice versa;
- Responsible for the timely and quality implementation of the subproject;
- Lead the group of selected experts to create well understood and documented vision to plan, implement, and monitor work;
- Help the Organization create documented management practices being used consistently in plan elaboration;
- Help the Organization utilize monitoring and feedback as essential tools in managing its work;
- Work individually with selected team members in the area of their expertise in plan preparation and share the main concepts of DM prevention and management.

Required Qualifications:

- Advanced university degree in related fields;
- At least 5 years of experience in organizational capacity development with international organizations;
- Proven and excellent professional track record, management skills, coupled with high-level communication and leadership ability;
- Thorough knowledge of healthcare situation and health management systems in the country;
- Experience in leading or working on a national strategy program in coordination with MOH and other Government body and professional community;
- Ability to work in a team and under pressure;
- Proficiency in the usage of PC including Microsoft Office;
- Knowledge of English, Armenian and Russian languages.