“Armenian Code Academy” is looking for a “Teaching Assistant – JS/React”.


The responsibilities of the tutor will include:

  • Participating in the application process of ACA’s educational programs (conducting interviews along with the the Project Coordinators)
  • Evening online-classes with the best picked students 
  • Commitment for a part time (from 10 to 20 hours weekly) or a full time (from 30 to 35 hours weekly) engagement
  • Assign, check and review weekly homeworks of the students
  • Working closely with course coordinators and constant improvement of the processes based on student feedback
  • Working closely with Practice Lead of your field in order to improve the educational content
  • Participating in final practical projects of the students and helping present to potential employers

Required Qualifications:

What we expect from Teaching Assistants of the JS course

  • At least 2 years of practical experience in JavaScript/ React.js
  • Experience of tutoring is an advantage
  • Willingness to share their knowledge and experience with the students
  • Willingness to become students’ mentors during the courses
  • Ability to complete a started task and a high sense of responsibility for the quality of the provided education
  • Curiosity and desire to find answers to all students’ questions