Candidate will serve as a technical assistant directly to the Chief Solutions Officer for this fast-growing aerospace company. He/she will provide a broad range of technical, logistical, and organizational support, including organizing/supporting teams and meetings, handling technical documentation, organizing special tasks, researching markets & technologies, or assisting in project management, systems engineering, etc. The CSO is focused on leading execution of special projects, establishing product strategy, and developing better processes. The candidate’s role & support is essential to ensuring the CSO can engage in longer-term strategic initiatives while efficiently executing critical projects in parallel.


- Assist with systems engineering, technical development, and/or integration for aerospace-related products/systems
- Perform technology & market research and organize special tasks to support strategy development
- Place procurement requests and work with supply chain to get vendors set up, invoices paid, contracts reviewed, etc
- Effectively use task management tools to support projects
- Help with planning, scheduling, and day-to-day operations
- Pull together reports and presentations, or you might plan an event or complex task
- Arranging meetings, organizing agendas, and preparing supporting material
- Preparing reports, presentations, proposals, and correspondence
- Finding new ways to optimize efficiency and innovative ways to support projects

Required Qualifications:

- Last year of university program to obtain a Bachelor's degree in either Systems Engineering, Project Management (or similar degrees)
- Excellent communicator, able to work with diverse groups of people to accomplish objectives
- Positive, energetic, hardworking, problem solver with “can-do” personality
- Ability to interpret vision and assertively work towards objectives with minimal supervision/direction
- Great Microsoft Office Suite skills
- Demonstrated ability to stay organized and meet deadlines
- Comfortable with English language, especially both technical & business-related vocabulary.