The Work:

The key responsibilities will vary by department. The following are some examples of the duties you may be expected to perform:

  • Private Partnerships
    • Research and identify partnership opportunities
    • Help run fundraising and outreach campaigns
    • Participate in the creation of social media content
  • Public Partnerships (i.e. Government Relations)
    • Support with editing and proofreading English and/or Russian language documents
    • Identification of new leads and partnership opportunities
    • Desk research for ongoing research projects
  • Marketing & Brand Strategy
    • Support with the design of graphics and visuals
    • Promote content online through social media
    • Provide translation support for online content in Armenian, English, and/or Russian
  • Finance & Operations
    • Assist with preparing and filing respective supporting document (contracts, financial reports on expenses)
    • Assists with operations and office management related logistics
    • Other tasks assigned by the CFO  and Finance and Operations Manager
    • Assists the departments in streamlining its day to day administrative tasks and seek innovative solutions to ensure efficiency
  • Human Resources
    • Support in HR Administration related activities
    • Support in HR-related logistics
    • Support in the Hiring process, in terms of scheduling the interviews with candidates & sending the respective emails
  • Recruitment
    • Find the brightest talent among university students and inspire them to join the TFA movement
    • Assist the Recruitment team with building brand awareness on campus, as well as developing relationships with university faculties
    • Organize TFA info-sessions, one to one conversations to assist potential candidates in their journey to join TFA
    • Other duties related to the recruitment activities in TFA 
  • Learning & Innovation 
    • Assist in the community impact and budget-related reporting of the community impact projects
    • Research and inform about prevalent external project funding opportunities in Armenia and abroad
    • Assist in researching and implementing innovative practices and frameworks about student leadership 
    • Assist in translating and editing Learning materials (English-Armenian)
    • Assist in organizing and conducting trainings (on-line; off-line)
    • Help with making video materials (video recording, editing, Armenian  subtitles)

NOTE: Teach For Armenia is a growing nonprofit working within a dynamic system. Our team must be agile as we grow in scale. We are looking for leaders who are resilient and adaptive. That is to say that responsibilities may shift over time.


Required Qualifications:

About You:

Teach For Armenia may be the place for you if you believe it is important to foster a values-driven workplace that is centered on leadership. Our team must be composed of culture-builders who exemplify the type of leadership we are striving to cultivate in our classrooms and across the system. This means each staff member must strive to exemplify our Kochari, hold ourselves to the highest of standards while owning up to mistakes when we ourselves falter.

For this role specifically, we are also looking for a candidate who possesses the following key competencies:

  • Commitment: More than anything else, we are looking for talented individuals who are passionate about Teach For Armenia’s mission to transform the nation through education. 
  • Teamwork: Teach For Armenia has a very special team culture and strives to be the best place to work. We are looking for individuals who will help us to foster a spirit of collaboration.
  • Learner: We are all lifelong learners. Every staff member at Teach For Armenia must be open to learning. 
  • Problem-Solving: In order to solve such a large issue as educational inequity, we need leaders who can think out of the box and offer up solutions. 
  • Drive: There is a lot of work to be done. Even our interns must be self-driven and able to overcome obstacles.


Aside from these core competencies, we are also looking for the following qualifications:

  • Our internship program is intended for university students in their final year of study, whether it is a Bachelor’s or Master’s program;
  • We are looking for high-performers who can balance multiple priorities;
  • Armenian is required; English is highly preferred; Russian is an asset (especially for interns who wish to serve as translators);

About Teach For Armenia

Teach For Armenia is an independent, not-for-profit organization that is enlisting Armenia's most promising future leaders in the mission to ensure all children in Armenia have access to an excellent education. Participants in the program, known as Fello