The ATP Charitable Foundation, in cooperation with the Jinishian Memorial Foundation and the Armenian Energy Agency Foundation has launched the EU4Environment: “Green community – resilient future” project financed by the EU on 01 March 2021. Within the framework of the Program, a working group comprised of 3 experts will be created to:
– Review the international best practices in the fields of urban greening, energy efficiency, energy conservation and sustainable management of household waste;
– Develop a package of legislative drafts aimed at improving these fields, taking into account existing local legislative requirements and the best international experience study;
– Carry out appropriate consultations with partner stakeholders in order to ensure complementarity between national programmes and projects as a result of the study, classification and identify the obstacles to the implementation of the proposed package of legislative changes.
Remuneration/ Salary: According to the salary history, but not more than budget by the Project.
Duration: 70 days in the following period: 23 July 2021 – 30 March 2024. The predominant part of services should be provided from 23 July 2021 to the end of October 2022


- Facilitate the working group consisting of these 3 experts by providing appropriate guidance and consultations
- Conduct a comprehensive analysis of the research package developed by the working group on the best international practices for ensuring the sustainable growth of urban greening
- Assess the needs of beneficiary municipalities/ communities
- Submit a full proposal for the relevant model to the Project team and steering committee (identification of suitable models and proposing their adaptation scenarios, development of clear actions aimed at improving sustainable urban development policies and capacity building, as well as promoting and developing the practice of spreading the "green lifestyle")

Required Qualifications:

- University degree in Urban Greening, Forestry, Forest Science, Natural, Environmental and Social Sciences or other related fields
- At least 5 years of experience in developing management/ development models within the framework of projects (particularly, EU or other international donor projects)
- Experience in ensuring the quality and integrity of the data obtained, as well as the management of research in the working group
- Knowledge of green urban planning; experience in developing models and using tools
- Experience in preparing and submitting reports
- Teamwork experience
- Proficiency in English and Armenian languages
- Knowledge on RE, EE, sustainable waste management