We’re looking for an experienced Customer Service leader to manage, motivate and develop our reactive VIP team who manages the contacts with our VIP customers.


- Elaborate and ensure implementation of the KPI performance plan established by the company management
- Perform static tasks set by the company management
- Reporting of completed work within the timeframe set by management
- Authority of Official Users and Determination of Civic Reactivation Plans (Collaborative with CRM)
- Increase official customer satisfaction and loyalty, increase brand loyalty and visitors
- Drawing up the desired work schedule for subordinates and acquainting with the use of job descriptions
- The department within the department is well established and has a quality work process
- Affordable Care for Department's employees (Training, Introducing Innovative and Competitive Products)
- Continuous control of work performed by subordinate employees
- Workplace care and detection of identified deficiencies, incidents
- Quarterly evaluation of subordinates
- Knowledge and analysis of competing companies' products
- Creating or updating standards of traditional authority

Required Qualifications:

- 2+ years experience in a similar role
- Previous customer service experience is preferred
- Strong strategic thinking and creative problem-solving skills
- Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills
- An acute sense of judgment, tact, and diplomacy
- A strong sense of teamwork and the ability to execute programs
- Product knowledge