Job type: Full time
Employment term: Full-Time Contract
Dextern an Irish based technology firm, is looking for an experienced web developer to join our growing e-Commerce team. Having a positive attitude and being a team player is a must. In addition the web developer is expected to have a desire to grow and expand their knowledge and skills within the company. Familiarity with open source e-Commerce platforms like Magento, WooCommerce, etc would be a plus
– Probation Period: If your application is successful, you will go under a 4-week period of intensive training. You will learn more about Adobe Commerce (Magento) and will get familiar with our code base. You need to obtain at least one Adobe Commerce (Magento) certification during this 4 weeks. After a month of training, you will have hands on some projects. We will judge your consistency, team cooperation, reliability, ability to solve problems and multitasking during the Probation Period. DEXTERN covers your Adobe exam costs and you will get fully paid during your Probation Period
– Permanent Contract: After three months of working with your team, you are expected to solve problems autonomously. At this stage you will enter your Permanent Contract period
– Payment: Monthly payment by Bank transfer
– Vacation: You will get 28 days paid-leave per annum.
– Shifts: Your team lead may assign your stand by shifts, but there is a lot of flexibility.
– Work From Home: You can work from home up to two days per week. Working more than two days per week from home is subject to approval by your team leader.
We believe in over-delivering value to our customers and setting them up on their path to success. With years of experience backing our practices and a multitude of tools at our disposal, we know how to make the impact our clients are looking for.


- Be highly capable of performing development of new features on Adobe Commerce (Magento)
- Be involved in writing well-engineered and well-designed source code that complies with teams standards
- Be a leading member of the team regarding troubleshooting and optimisation of Adobe Commerce (Magento) deployments
- Complete assigned tasks on time and manage their own workload
- Provide accurate estimates for development as outlined by team Lead
- Perform unit testing and automation testing of the features developed
- Monitor tickets and be proactive in remediation of issues
- Remotely troubleshoot and diagnose issues
- Assist sales and marketing with technical tasks
- Be on standby shift for urgent tickets, overnight (22:00-5:00) or weekends days (usually once a week)

Required Qualifications:

You are required to have the following skills & experience:
- All communication will be in English so having fluent written and spoken English is a must
- Strong written and verbal communication skills
- Strong Attention to details
- A thirst for knowledge and the desire to constantly learn and improve
- Desire to work in a fast-paced environment where change is not only expected, but seen as an opportunity for positive improvement
- 4+ years of relevant experience
- Skilled in object-oriented programming
- Strong experience and ability in PHP
- Working experience with modern web technologies: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, React
- LAMP stack expertise
- Experience with Agile development methodologies Nice To Have:
- Experience as full stack developer on Adobe Commerce (Magento) will be a big advantage
- Adobe (Magento) Certificate is an advantage
- University degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or a related field is a plus
- English Language Certificate is a bonus (IELTS 5.5+, TOEFL iBT 60+, Cambridge 160+, Duolingo 100+)
- Familiarity with Nginx, Varnish, Elastic search, Mysql/TSQL, Nodejs, RabbitMQ, Redis, Webpack/Rollup, Requirejs