To assist a very knowledgeable and talented, overseas-based, employment and workplace relations team, with their client interviews, factual investigations, and preparing written statements regarding their client’s employment, discrimination, and workplace relations matters.
The selected professional will thoroughly enjoy working with our team and gain extensive knowledge of overseas employment, discrimination, and workplace relations practices and processes.


- Conducting client interviews regarding employment matters, racial discrimination, sexual harassment, and general discrimination interviews
- Preparing client statements pursuant to client interviews and collating of all requisite employment, discrimination, and medical documents
- Writing emails and letters and generating documents as needed
- Working remotely with the team and the clients using Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, Video Conferences, etc;
- Receiving extensive training and working under the supervision of our team

Required Qualifications:

- English proficiency is a must: all interviews are conducted in English and all documents are written in English
- Degree qualified in Human Resources, Psychology, Business or Law preferred
- Working 40 to 45 hours per week 5 days per week Monday to Saturday
- Working knowledge of Microsoft 365, Teams, and Word
- Ability to start working from 7 am Yerevan time
- Excellent organizational, task activity, and time management skills
- Employment commencement: October / November 2022