TUMO Center for Creative Technologies is looking for a professional who will coordinate Workshops Team’s daily activities.


- Coordinate daily activities of the Workshops team ensuring high productivity
- Prepare and coordinate all the logistical arrangements for the Workshops team members
- Arrange transportation for the workshop leaders team during their business trips
- Follow up on all Workshops team tasks, including activity examination, proper assignment, and final results deadlines
- Arrange administrative support for the Workshops team
- Create a healthy work environment among team members
- Perform other job-related duties as may be assigned

Required Qualifications:

- University degree from a leading institution
- Ability to work with large team
- Administrative experience is a must
- Experience in the field of education is a plus
- Strong communication, problem solving and organizational skills and research abilities
- Ability to work well both independently and as a team member of a large workforce

About Tumo Center for Creative Technologies

Tumo is an after-school learning center where teenagers acquire digital media skills free of charge. Thousands of students attend Tumo on a regular basis and participate in its innovative, self-paced program. Its educational framework is based on a proprietary platform that promotes learning through interactive game-like levels, exposing users to increasingly challenging activities. Tumo's educational methodology is based on a large set of self-instructional activities that each of the Center's students assembles into a personal learning plan in the areas of animation, game development, web development and filmmaking. To learn more about the Tumo Center for Creative Technologies, please visit: www.tumo.org