Announcement can be rejected by administrator if:

  1. does not include hiring company name (agency name is not acceptable).
  2. does not include job offer (training, referrals, advertisements, etc. are not acceptable).
  3. text is not well formatted. For example, text or title is written with CAPITAL LETTERS.
  4. has other field than “APPLICATION EMAIL/URL” contains job application procedure, application email or application URL.
  5. one of fields contains additional information/text out of scope of the field title. For example, salary information is written in “Responsibilities” field.
  6. contains multi-level marketing jobs or pyramid schemes.
  7. appear to contains phishing scams, spam, or other content in violation of’s Terms and Conditions
  8. contains the description of more than one job position.

We are not accepting announcements from agencies.

Announcement also can be rejected for any other reason at the sole discretion of Team.