The brand Manager will be responsible for the overall performance of brands, which includes managing and developing brands P&L, image and positioning in relation to their competitors. He/She will work with a wide network of people such as advertising and media professionals, contractors and sales agents as well as their own internal marketing team members.

  • Develop & plan annually, quarterly and monthly purchase, supply & sales strategy according to the brand;
  • Investigate factors and reasons that can positively influence on the sales activities, as well as investigate the types of demands and the reasons of increasing and reducing the demands;
  • Ensure implementation of the organization effective activity, increasing the profit of the organization, as well as goods and service competitiveness;
  • Monitor the pricing policies and demand for brand competition, define the product position relative to the similar products in local market;
  • Perform market analysis; determine the target consumer market segments for product offerings;
  • Develop and control promotions processes-sales, advertising, promo actions, etc.;
  • Keep up with the latest changes in market trends;
  • Monitor the status of the product on the market;
  • Elaborate standards according to the categories performance of the point of sale (POS), carry on negotiations with the managers of the POS;
  • Evaluate potential of the POS;
Required Qualifications:
  • University degree in Economics or Marketing;
  • At least 2 years of experience in marketing;
  • Core knowledge about marketing, principles of marketing, sales and product planning principles and mechanisms, as well as related subjects such as advertising, consumer behavior, market research as well as strong understanding of strategic brand building;
  • Working knowledge of MS Office; ability to quickly learn and adapt to new software applications and work with databases;
- Fluency in Armenian Russian and English languages;
  • Be an excellent communicator, both verbally and in writing, with experience in dealing with executives at different levels and capacity to articulate the case in Armenian, Russian and English languages;
  • The ability to define problems, collect data, establish fact and draw valid conclusions;
  • Have good analytical skills;

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