“Tumo Center for Creative Technologies” is looking for a “Cost Estimator”.


- Cost Estimation: Prepare detailed cost estimates for construction projects, encompassing materials, labor, and other associated expenses
- Procurement: Research the market to procure materials and services at competitive prices
- Negotiate contracts with suppliers and subcontractors to optimize cost-efficiency
- Cost Control: Monitor project costs throughout its lifecycle, identifying and addressing cost overruns
- Implement cost-saving measures to ensure projects remain on budget
- Tendering: Prepare tender documents that outline project requirements and specifications
- Evaluate bids from contractors and subcontractors, ensuring that they align with project budget and quality standards
- Payment Valuation: Assess and certify payments to contractors based on the progress of work completed, in accordance with project agreements
- Variations: Manage variation orders that may arise during the construction process, ensuring proper documentation and approval procedures
- Reporting: Work closely with the Cost Manager to provide regular financial status reports for projects, utilizing existing templates to maintain accurate records
- Bills of Quantity & Quantity Takeoff: Calculate the quantities of materials required for each project, aiding in the accurate estimation of project costs

Required Qualifications:

- Proficiency in Armenian and English languages
- Proficient in Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, and G:Drive
- Strong knowledge of Armenian construction market unit rates
- Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
- Attention to detail and accuracy in cost estimation
- Strong negotiation and communication skills
- Ability to work well both independently and as part of a team
- Prior experience in cost estimation in the construction industry is important

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