We are looking for experienced DevOps Engineer that is passionate about deploying and maintaining robust, scalable, and secure systems. You will be on the front lines collaborating with frontend engineers, backend engineers, infrastructure, DevOps and monitoring teams to support new and on-going products. You will collaborate with teams across to ensure maximum uptime and continuous service.

  • Design, develop, support, release and maintain all existing and new release platforms and processes
  • Establishing DevOps practices and research and recommend tools and techniques for improving our CI and CD
  • Provide assistance to testers and support other teams in troubleshooting system issues
  • Working hands-on with infrastructure, developers and QA teams
  • Being involved in and drive team architectural discussions
  • Working in a very iterative/agile development environment
  • Able to quickly transition through short (weekly) release and sprint cycles via continuous integration, testing and delivery methodologies
  • Provide assistance in training on key functions of the tools implemented
  • Continuously “refactor” and optimize the process of CI and CD to improve the efficiency and quality of the development cycles
  • Ensure high availability of the infrastructure as we scale
Required Qualifications:
  • 2+ years of automatically provisioning, configuring and deploying environments experience

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