“Developmentaid” is looking for a “EASTERN PARTNERSHIP (EAP) COUNTRIES MRM/KML Officer”.


- In coordination with the MRM Manager, efficiently use the MRM system and processes which fulfill the needs as described in the goal, documenting it in an MRM Manual and utilizing modern IT solutions
- Provide support and backstopping to Implementing Partners (in coordination with EaP Regional Manager) and other POs of the EaP, including the capacity building where needed, to ensure proper implementation of the MRM system and processes at different levels, and/or collection and reporting of high-quality data/information as per Partner Agreements
- In coordination with the MRM Manager, contribute to conducting and/or commissioning (to internal/external resources persons) necessary baseline research and analysis tasks, aggregate data/information in the EaP countries, and make this available in a comprehensive and visually well-presented format for steering, reporting, and learning purposes. This will allow benchmarking of progress made against key performance indicators
- In coordination with the KML Manager, implement a KML Strategy, which will support the program’s objectives in facilitating exchanges on different topics with other organisations and stakeholders in the EaP region
- In coordination with the KML Manager, mainstream KML into the design of interventions and ongoing program activities as well as collaboration with Implementation Partners through R&D, backstopping and capacity building, engagement in dialogue etc.
- Assure that Implementation Partners are integrated into the program’s KML systems and processes and actively contribute to these by providing backstopping support and guidance to partners and EaP POs
- Contribute to program reporting (with a specific focus on Armenia) through the compilation and presentation of data and information, as well as the writing of sections
- Collaborate with the MRM Manager to enable evidence-based learning and reporting, including support in obtaining data/information through necessary research and analysis tasks and assignments
- Coordinate necessary monitoring activities with the program’s KML Manager, assuring that the program’s respective strategies build on one another and that the MRM system generates needed evidence to support learning objectives
- Coordinate necessary MRM/KML for learning tasks with EaP Regional Manager and EaP POs
- Coordinate, contribute to, and lead the generation of communication and knowledge products and processes, such as a regional working group on MRM or other related events/activities, in coordination with the KML and MRM managers
- Coordinate necessary monitoring activities (research, capacity building, backstopping, data collection etc.) in EaP countries (with a specific focus on Armenia) with the program’s EaP Regional Manager in line with project’s MRM manual and requirements, providing evidence for steering, reporting, and learning purposes, linking activities in EaP countries to the program’s and organisations overall KML to ensure the regional value addition
- Conduct joint monitoring visits to the EaP countries and respective partners with the EaP hub Fin./Admin. officer, to assess progress against targets and agreements, quality of monitoring and reporting systems and adherence to required rules and processes
- Monitor compliance of engaged system actors as well as Implementing Partners with rules and processes

Required Qualifications:

- Experience in MRM/KML activities preferably in the international development field
- Understanding of the use of technology in MRM, data collection, beneficiary feedback or other program functions (e.g., Mobile devices and platforms, mapping)
- Understanding key trends in the Eastern Partnership region
- Project management practical experience (practical experience/knowledge of MSD approach would be a big plus)
- Understanding and experience in Gender Equity and Social Inclusion (GESI)
- Understanding and experience in Environment & Climate Change (ECC)
- Experience in designing and implementing practical monitoring and results measurement, learning and data management
- Demonstrated experience capturing learning and evidence, reporting, experience in using technologies for data collection
- Demonstrated experience in qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis
- Analytical skills – ability to explore assessments/analyses necessary to the project
- Writing skills – to develop ToRs for assessment/analyses, develop monthly updates and reports
- Understanding of the essence of the “Business Model”
- Effective interpersonal and communication skills
- Good knowledge of techniques for planning, monitoring and controlling
- Effective leadership skills
- Ability to travel frequently
- Ability to work in a diverse team
- Ability to adapt to new environment
- Goals and results-oriented
- Ability to work on multiple tasks simultaneously
- Organizational skills
- Time management skills