We are looking for a Junior Risk Manager to define and analyze possible risks of our products.


- Have a comprehensive understanding of the games’ rules
- Evaluate the wagers placed by customers and categorize them accordingly
- Assist in identifying and assessing potential risks across different business functions
- Assist in ensuring that the organization complies with relevant risk management standards
- Examine the patterns of customers exhibiting unusual activity in specific events, review their gaming history, and make informed decisions accordingly
- Examine, understand, and evaluate the risk management compliance regulations
- Support in developing and implementing risk mitigation strategies
- Collaborate with other departments to ensure the effective implementation of risk control measures
- Provide suitable responses to inquiries and emails directed towards him
- Collaborate and engage in discussions with various departments concerning global matters, and suggest resolutions for global challenges

Required Qualifications:

- Bachelor's degree in Business, Finance, Risk Management, or a related field
- Strong analytical skills and attention to detail
- Excellent knowledge of English and Russian
- Basic knowledge of risk assessment tools and methodologies
- Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment
- Familiarity with casino game algorithms and comprehension of sports-related information
- Openness to acquiring and honing new skills and knowledge