We are looking for a make-up atrist who will be creating standard images based on an established look guide, determining appropriate colors and materials, and possessing knowledge of different color palettes and design styles, among other duties.

  • Ensure the appearance of Game Presenters and Game Show Hosts conforms to company appearance standards
  • Provide advice to employees of certain positions in the company regarding appearance, particularly skin care and hairdressing
  • Ensuring that make-up for Game Presenters and Game Show Hosts accentuate facial aesthetics while matching studio lighting
  • Making a list of makeup accessories and necessary products and present it to the manager
  • Conduct appearance checks and recommend hair and make-up corrections in accordance with approved appearance guidelines
  • Monitor the appearance of the Game Presenters working in the studio according to the appearance guide and inform the Team Managers of any discrepancies in order to maintain a constant stylish, high-class, and elegant overall image of the studio
  • Monitor stock levels of styling products and notify manager when new styling products need to be ordered
  • Assist with company-organized filming / photography sessions
  • Prepare and conduct make-up and hairstyling workshops for employees
  • Collaborate with other Make-up atrists to coordinate work
  • Work a 24/7 shift schedule, as well as provide additional attendance if necessary
  • Perform other duties as assigned for the position
  • Perform other functions assigned by the line manager
Required Qualifications:
  • Graduate diploma or certificate from make-up school or similar institution
  • Strong knowledge of stylistic elements specific to studios, such as lighting, colors, etc
  • Excellent knowledge of make-up products, techniques, and technologies
  • Knowledge of make-up trends
  • Creative approach
  • Excellent communication skills
  • High level of attention to artistic detail
  • Experience in a similar role or beauty sphere would be a plus
  • Knowledge of English and Russian will be a plus

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