“Simply Technologies” is looking for a “Senior Project Manager”.


- Confer with management and production staff to discuss projects’ specifications and procedures
- Analyze resource needs to plan and assess the feasibility of projects
- Manage each project’s scope and timeline
- Create and maintain comprehensive project documentation
- Coach team members in Agile frameworks
- Ensure deliverables are up to quality standards at the end of each sprint
- Guide development teams to higher scrum maturity
- Assign, direct and evaluate the work of employees, and oversee the development and maintenance of staff competence
- Provide constructive feedback and motivate the team
- Promote knowledge sharing, growth, development
- Align project execution with the strategy, mission, culture, and ethics of the organization
- Develop comprehensive project plans to be shared with clients as well as other staff members
- Be an ethical agent, an advocate for the company culture and values
- Uses their authority to promote high ethical values and professionalism
- Consult or negotiate with partners to prepare project specifications

Required Qualifications:

- 6+ years of Experience in a PM and scrum master role
- Excellent written and verbal English communication
- Excellent knowledge of Scrum techniques and artifacts
- Deep understanding of software development processes, tools, technologies
- A proven experience with working on projects from different countries