Join Wirestock’s new project focusing on the talent of Illustrators and 3D Artists ! We are seeking skilled Illustrators and 3D Artists to submit both original and edited versions of illustrations, 3D designs, showcasing their unique style through a simple, step-by-step editing process.

  • Edit your own illustrations/3D designs, owning the copyrights.
  • Submit a minimum of 4 edited versions of each illustration/3D design, showcasing transformative edits.
  • Provide a step-by-step description of the editing process, ensuring complexity to prevent replication via online resources.
  • Transform the meaning of the image, imbuing it with a new vibe and emotion.
  • Avoid simplistic edits such as cropping or basic hue changes.
  • Clearly describe edits in a manner understandable to those without your skills, avoiding vague language.
Required Qualifications:
  • Submit original unedited image followed by major editing steps leading to the final result.
  • Provide transformative edits altering the image's meaning and emotion.
  • Describe edits clearly and specifically, avoiding vague language.
  • At least intermediate knowledge of the English language is required.
Additional Information:
Just send your portfolio to [email protected].

About Wirestock

Wirestock started as a team of four — Mikayel Khachatryan, Ashot Mnatsakanyan, Vladimir Khoetsyan, and Hovhannes Kuloghlyan were four friends passionate about all things tech. Fueled by sheer curiosity and an adventurous spirit, they set out to fix the headaches faced by modern-day creatives. After countless conversations with artists, they finally landed on an idea that really intrigued them; what if creators were able to sell their work on multiple marketplaces all at once?

And with the birth of this central idea, the rest was history. The team, now growing internationally and in large numbers, was coming up with more tools to make a creator’s journey as seamless as ever— this is also when automated keywording and digital model releases came into play.

Now flaunting millions of distributed files and tens of thousands of creators earning passive income, Wirestock’s actively working on expanding its reach. The future holds more automation, more monetization channels, NFT sales, and more.