About Volios Institute of Civil Engineering

Volios Institute of Civil Engineering is a company specialized and licensed in energy field.

Our company implements development of one-line circuit 35- 220kW voltage substations, primary connections, selection of equipment, as well as design works of electricity supply of substations, design works of 110kW and 220kW high voltage as well as 35kW and 10kW  medium voltage power lines, drafting of primary estimation documents, design works of construction and reconstruction of 35- 220kW  and 6/10kW voltage substations, residential and public buildings, as well as industrial buildings, relay protection and automatics, geological, geodesy, construction and external lighting, field works - topographic survey, cadastral measurement, marking, data electronic digitization, design of solar (photo luminescent) stations. We apply such constructions in our projects, which allow setting stations on the roofs of residential houses and buildings or on ground areas.