“EcoSense” is looking for a “Accountant – economist”.


- Financial control and accounting: includes control of account balances, revenue receipts, reconciliation and payment of invoices, control of receivables and payables, reconciliation and acceptance of acts on consumed volumes of services, control of payments and loading of payment documents
- Data management: includes updating the database, creating a register of payments, forecasting the database for the future period, entering data on accruals and receiving an extended report Interaction with banks and other organizations: reconciliation of all receipts with the acquiring bank, joint search for payments, control over clearing and unblocking of bank guarantee amounts at the end of the billing period
- Documentation management: receipt and verification of invoices, collection of primary documents, maintenance and control of electronic document management (EDF), registration of documents in accounting systems
- Personnel records: registration of employees in the social system of the Republic of Armenia, reflection of taxes and fees for employees in the accounting system (SBU), calculation of payments to employees when they go on vacation, control of accruals and payment of wages

Required Qualifications:

- Legislative acts, resolutions, orders, disposals, guidance, methodological and regulatory materials on the organization of accounting and tax accounting, accounting of property, obligations and business transactions and reporting
- Forms and methods of accounting at the enterprise
- Plan and correspondence of accounts
- Organization of workflow for accounting areas
- The procedure for documenting and reflecting on the accounts of accounting operations related to the movement of fixed assets, inventory items and cash
- Methods of economic analysis of the economic and financial activities of the enterprise
- Labor legislation
- Rules and norms of labor protection
- Have a higher professional (economic) education and work experience as an Accountant for at least 3 years