MainSolution is looking for an office manager to join our team.

  • Solve urgent office problems
  • Assign and supervise tasks for the Beverage Service Attendant
  • Ensure cleanliness of common areas and liaise with business center services
  • Maintain cleanliness and order in meeting rooms, restrooms, and sports rooms
  • Conduct daily checks of the coffee zone, dining area, and furniture.
  • Oversee care and purchase of indoor plants
  • Maintain furniture and appliances in working order
  • Prepare workspaces for new employees.
  • Manage inventory of furniture and equipment
  • Handle mail and parcel services
  • Monitor and maintain engineering communications and overall office condition.
  • Ensure fire safety and technical security
  • Organize and supervise maintenance and emergency repairs
  • Coordinate office re-planning and equipment relocations
  • Manage office lighting and climate control systems
  • Assist with Business Continuity Plan (BCP) tasks and reports
  • Supervise contractors during office repairs
  • Maintain optimal quality and pricing for office services and supplies
  • Identify and negotiate with contractors and suppliers
  • Manage contracts, volumes, prices, and oversee purchases
  • Handle budget requests and invoices
  • Plan and control the administrative budget, including annual planning
  • Assist in organizing events
  • Help with office navigation
  • Support the Head of Location
Required Qualifications:
  • Experience in office administration
  • Strong organizational and communication skills
  • Proficiency in budget management and procurement
  • Familiarity with office management tools