“Medialive” is looking for a “Hr Agent”.


We are hiring! HR agent (remote) Who is an HR agent? An HR agent is a company's personnel agent who searches for appropriate personnel for the company. An HR agent collaborates with the head of the company's HR department and searches for personnel for certain positions from abroad. Responsibilities of an HR agent
- step by step:
- Presentation of vacancies and company presentations to candidates. Agents are given access to the company’s presentation in advance, with the help of which they must present the current vacancy
- Selection of candidates who meet the company's criteria
- Receiving casting materials from candidates. Agents are sent detailed instructions for filming casting materials; candidates for vacancies must prepare a casting according to the instructions, which will subsequently be approved by the management of Media Live
- Sending casting materials to the head of the HR department
- If approved for a position, transfer of contact information of the approved employee to the head of the HR department